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     BFM brings a unique blend of youth and experience to the Boston video scene. Working in professional video for the past 10 years, we bring a breadth of experience that encompasses TV shows in Hollywood, movies in Boston, and business promotions in the New England region. We have taken this skill, knowledge, and expertise to focus on businesses and organizations.


     Web video is one of the most necessary tools for communication available. Our expertise is not just in creating professional and unique video content but in understanding the best ways to distribute and share your message. Testimonials, promos, recruitment videos, and training videos are an advantageous media format for businesses to effectively connect with clients and employees. Web video is now easily viewed on computers and phones, making your company's message accessible anywhere, anytime.

Josh Burdett


     Josh is a Massachusetts native who has spent a lifetime making videos. He took his childhood hobby of movie-making and pursued it as a profession. After graduating from Syracuse University's Visual and Performing Arts Film program, Josh spent his early years working on television productions on both sides of the coast. With skill and knowledge in all areas of production, Josh is able to help clients develop short videos specific to their needs from pre-production to distribution. 

     Josh has formed ongoing relationships with numerous clients and created thousands of unique videos. With great vision, reliability, flexibility, and a high standard of quality, Josh will work carefully to ensure your video needs are met. He has formed partnerships with other production companies lending his skills often and requesting theirs when needed. He continues to grow his network of production professionals, increasing the capabilities of BFM everyday.




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